Growing up I "being different" was something that thrilled me. I loved
out of town shopping trips, I knew when I came back all my purchases would "be different" from things that were available at home. My passion to create things that are "different" is what drives me. In 2003 After graduating from High School, I shipped myself off to Montreal where I would study Fashion Design for the next three years. Upon my completion of College I moved back to "small town" Edmonton where I would work for a local sportswear manufacturing company designing and producing sportswear. Upon the closure of the manufacturing company I was a fashion grad living in Edmonton with big dreams. Not to long after I unknowingly created the first Just Me Jenna Marie purse that would launch me into designing and creating one of a kind unique purses for every moment in your life. Just Me Jenna marie purses are all one of a kind and
will not be duplicated so you know you will never see another person with the same purse.  All purses are all made of genuine leather and come in all different sizes, shapes and colors.

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